What can colors do for you?

Colors can help bring back your confidence and balance.

Enjoy painting, see which colors can give you something at the moment (eg red for more grounding, green for healing and flow, yellow for clarity, orange for pleasure, violet for creativity and connection with the spiritual).

Using the creative side of your brain also ensures that there is more flow in yourself. Don't think and organize too much so that you lock things up. But let go, see what comes and get to work with it. Without having to and without worrying about the result.

Intuitive painting workshops, and therefore engaging with colors can help you turn insecure feelings into more self-confidence. The relaxation that comes from being creative can make you feel better about who you are and what you want. Or maybe you are engaged in a certain process, in which you want to give your feelings a place without talking and with color and form. Then you can have something the healing art workshops.

Colors can help you feel balanced again.

Certain thoughts and behaviors can 'run out' certain colors in your system. For example, if you think a lot, you use a lot of yellow and it may be that a deficiency arises that prevents you from seeing things clearly. Or if you're restless and running from top to bottom, blue may be the issue. A little blue light can make sure that the calm returns and you do things step by step, instead of all at once.

I use a flashlight with crystal colored glasses. By administering the light (energy) and color (information) it is possible to get your energy back on track and in balance. The colored light acts on our internal light system that our cells create and with which they communicate. The information about what is happening to the cells is perceived as colored light. This information can be influenced by the colored light applied from outside.

Instead of being tired or bored, you become fresh, cheerful and curious again! Book a energetic treatment of colored light and experience what you think of it yourself.


Red: warms, helps with chronic pain, gives strength and courage, stimulates, makes diligent, good for certain skin diseases, strengthens kidneys and adrenaline glands, color of heart, blood, lungs and bones.


Orange: makes cheerful, helps to relax muscles in case of cramp, good for making contact and connection, gives a safe feeling, good against depression.


Yellow: for emotional and mental clarity, removal of waste from the body, strengthens the nerves, good for the stomach, bladder, liver and immune system, gives increased concentration, stimulates the ability to say no.


Green: soothing, aching joints benefit from green, for healthy bones, inflammation of the respiratory tract, lowers blood sugar, helps to accept what is there.


Turquoise: letting go and connecting with yourself, good for burns and cleansing infections, heals negativity and self-criticism.

indigo (blue)

Indigo (blue): calms, brings deep peace, helps relieve nervousness and insomnia, gives space, cools and relieves pain in conditions with heat and pus formation.


Violet: for inspiration, intuition, letting go of emotions, stimulating spirituality.

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