Relaxation, Fun, Colours and Reflection

Intuitive drawing and painting workshops.

Express your feelings in your own way for a few hours by painting, drawing and using colors as it suits you.

That's what happens during a workshop intuitive paintingBy means of various assignments, which help you to work from your feeling, you get going in your own way. Painting can be very enjoyable and relaxing. Don't have to do anything, just get started with color and shape. You don't have to be able to draw or paint. You don't have to worry about not doing it right. That's not what these workshops are about! So if you think it's a little scary, that's fine. More people have that. But once you get started, that feeling usually quickly disappears. Niets hoeven, alleen met kleur en vorm aan de slag. Waarbij je niet hoeft te kunnen tekenen of schilderen. Je hoeft niet bang te zijn dat je het niet goed doet. Daar gaat het bij deze workshops niet om! 

The assignments, drawing, painting and working with color, stimulate creative thinking and working.

Once you are busy and let go of the thought that you 'have to' do something, it will go by itself. Your feeling and your subconscious often come up when you start drawing and painting in this way. You can see or read that in your paintings. When your drawing or painting is ready, we look together at what it has to say to you (if you appreciate it). 

The painting workshops are exclusively for the person that books and the people he/she brings along!

There are no other participants, unless it concerns a workshop mentioned in the agenda. All workshops can also be followed by you alone (all the time, all the attention for you alone!).

The workshops take place in my space in Schoorl, with a view of the dunes in the distance. Enjoy being creative in peace with a cup of tea or coffee (also with frothed milk). For larger groups it is possible to come on location. An intuitive drawing and painting session as a gift is also a possibility! Not another utensil… but painting together! There are several options (all prices are per person, including everything; materials of good quality, coffee (with foamed milk;) / tea or lemonade) see below the different workshops and courses: to book or for consultation: renskeypma@hotmail. com/0639107969. 

An intuitive drawing and painting session as a gift is also a possibility! Not another utensil… but painting together! You can order a gift card from me.

There are various options (all prices are per person, including everything; materials, coffee (with frothed milk;) / tea or lemonade) see below the various workshops and courses: to book or for consultation: / 0639107969 .

“I attended a change workshop. Diverse and interesting work came out. I also found it pleasant. I went home with a good feeling every time! And I got stuck in the good feeling.”

Really nice to do a workshop with family or friends.
And very happy with the friendly and open guidance by Renske.
Thank you!"

As a family we look upon the past weekend as a perfect weekend in which
Your workshop should certainly not be missed. We enjoyed it very much. To indicate in a few words what we thought of it: surprising assignments, completely different outcomes, varied assignments. The bouncer was the final assignment. This gave food for thought about their own family.
This was also a successful assignment.”

“We really enjoyed the workshop!
We thought it was a nice atmosphere, and we also liked that we could work concentrated/there was not continuous talking; this was just the right proportion and variety!”

“Nice workshop with the right guidance.
Went with my mother and we felt very welcome. The workshop contained fun and inspiring assignments. Highly recommended."

“I didn't really know what to expect and was a bit nervous.
Fortunately, Renske gave space, motivated and reassured her where necessary, so that the creation eventually came naturally. our emotions and insecurities were allowed to be there without judgment. we were having so much fun for a few hours that time flew and we couldn't and didn't have to think about anything else. so nice in the moment and calming. a very inspiring experience!”

Together with my sister, I enjoyed this workshop very much. We got nice assignments. It's amazing how nice the results become. We had fun and also in-depth conversations while working out the assignments and in between. The guidance was pleasant and we were given the space. We almost ran out of time. The contact to plan the date and time was also friendly and helpful.”

Thank you for the very special and nice workshop!"

Take a look at the Intuitive drawing and painting workshops:

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