About Renske

The healing power of color

Dear visitor,

After completing my law studies and working in the business world for a while, I started traveling and working abroad for a number of years. I have traveled through South America, Mexico, Nicaragua, Europe and North America. In between, I worked at a horse therapy ranch in Florida, as a recruiter in Antwerp and as a child minder in Portugal. During this period I also trained as a Children's Yoga teacher and a Therapy with Colored Light course. It was a nice time. During those years someone told me that I should try painting and get started with colours. I had to overcome my shame to do that!

But once I got started, I liked it so much that I went ahead and painted and drew anything and everything. Without a preconceived plan. With the colors that appealed to me at that moment and the shapes that came out. It felt free and inspiring!

I also discovered that what you express in your paintings can also have something to say about what is going on in your (sub)conscious. So painting and drawing was free, inspiring and brought reflection. A beautiful combination that I wanted to share with other people. I started developing and teaching painting workshops. I followed an Art4Healing course to give healing art workshops and learned more about the interpretation of drawings and the use of color.

In the meantime, I ended up training for Color Light Therapy through a colored light therapist. That was a very special training. I have also provided colored light treatments for several years and have therefore learned a lot about the use of color on and around the body. Ultimately, giving creative sessions and workshops appealed to me more and I continued with that.

So that is now Color & Relaxation; Intuitive sessions to stand in your strength, Workshops for fun, color, relaxation and reflection and Creative grieving and Workshops for Families.

It is important to me that you can work in your own way. May what happens inside you be seen and respected. In addition, it is about having fun, relaxing and being busy with color and reflection.

I work intuitively, openly and with attention. For more information you can call or email me, and of course also for an appointment. You are most welcome!

Cordial greetings,


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