Making a Collage with text, pictures and other materials.

Make a collage related to a subject that appeals to you or in a free way (you look at what you see and want to use). After a relaxing initial assignment and a short meditation, you will look for colours, pictures, texts and other collage material available. You choose what appeals to you. With these items and with different types of paint you then make an image on canvas. Conscious and unconscious matters are given a place. This gives you more insight into yourself and the subject you have chosen and a beautiful work of art!

Skills / Level:
For this workshop you don't need painting-or drawing experience.

Workshops always include:

  • Coffee/tea/lemonade
  • Material and supplies
  • Workshop guidance (During the workshop you will be guided and we will discuss the possible meaning and use of color of your own creation, if you wish.)
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Duration: appr. 3 hours

Rate: 1 person: 60 euros

Rate: 2 people: 45 euros p.p.

Ratew 3 people: 40,- euro p.p.

Rate as of 4 people 35 euros p.p.

(larger groups rate in consultation)


Location: Schoorl Noord Holland

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