Energetic Treatment

Treatments to increase your energy and stand in your power.

A listless feeling, having no meaning in life, being tired, finding it all right, having no strength, not taking things up.

These feelings can be caused by a lack of strength and energy. Several things can be the cause of your lack of energy.

You can maintain or increase your energy by eating and drinking healthily, by exercising enough in the open air (which deepens your breathing and you breathe fresh air), by getting light from the sun or colored light from my flashlight with colored light (😉), and through the love of other people and through the cosmos.

Sometimes it's nice to get some extra energy through a treatment. It may also be the case that you need extra energy because you are unable to supplement your energy deficit yourself. Or you may not feel up to a certain situation. In all these cases, a treatment can ensure that your energy is replenished.

There are various treatments to increase your energy, to feel more powerful and to bring back your zest for life and pleasure in life.

These treatments can help with listlessness, depressed feelings, after surgery or with age. Instead of being listless or submissive, you feel strong and powerful again. Instead of feeling exhausted or tired, you feel recharged with renewed interest in life!

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Schoorl

Prijs: € 60,-

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colored light energetic treatment

Give a treatment as a gift

You can also give someone a soothing treatment in Schoorl as a gift! You can order gift vouchers from me.

For a relaxing energetic treatment & color therapy in the Alkmaar and Schagen region.

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