Balance Treatment

Treatment for Balance

To function well and feel good about yourself, it is important to be in balance. If you are out of balance, you can react over-emotionally, you feel restless, you don't know what to do, you miss the overview or you can worry too much or feel anxious.

These energetic treatments help you to get into balance. They are aimed at promoting balance between the right (feeling side) and left hemisphere (logic and thinking), stabilizing emotions and balancing your energy.

Different colors, from red to violet, are used on corresponding points and zones in your body so that the balance in and around the body is restored and you can regain your balance.

The touch of different places on your body also helps to regain the balance in yourself.

Giving these treatments relaxation, reduce stress, help you to rest in your head to get, and to you to regain balance.

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Schoorl

Prijs: € 60,-

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behandeling voor balans

Give a treatment as a gift

You can also give someone a soothing treatment in Schoorl as a gift! You can order gift vouchers from me.

For a relaxing energetic treatment & color therapy in the Alkmaar and Schagen region.

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