innerlijke rust

Find your center

Treatments for inner peace

Busy busy busy. There is much to do, much is happening, there is much to see, feel and hear….

In short, it's easy to lose yourself in these times. You might feel irritable, restless and off the hook or away from your center.

Using the cool colors: blue, green and violet in the right places on your body and by removing things that stick with you but are allowed to leave, you are brought back to your essence.
This allows you to experience peace and strength from within.

These treatments bring relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Schoorl

Prijs: € 60,-

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colored light energetic treatment

Give a treatment as a gift

You can also give someone a soothing treatment in Schoorl as a gift! You can order gift vouchers from me.

For a relaxing energetic treatment & color therapy in the Alkmaar and Schagen region.

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