Energetic treatment with colored light

The healing power of color

Energetic treatments based on colored light and magnetism

Gentle and warm energetic treatments that let the energy flow and calm the body. The treatments help you to relax deeply, create space and clarity in the head and increase the balance between body and mind.

Hoe werkt een energetische behandeling met kleurentherapie?

The method I use is based on colored light therapy, magnetism and my own intuition. During the treatment I place my hands on certain places on your body and I shine colored light on special (acupuncture) points. The colored light ensures that the harmony in the body returns to balance in places where it is disturbed (more information about the effect of colored light can be found on the page: What can colors do for you). That, together with touch in certain places and possibly discussing things that arise, provides relaxation and that you can let go of things that hinder or block you. Most people feel very relaxed after a treatment.

De behandeling duurt ongeveer een uur. Het beste is om makkelijk zittende lichte (of lichtgekleurde) kleding aan te trekken.

For anyone who needs relaxation, refueling, extra energy, balance and/or direction.
This method is a good way to keep yourself energized and balanced. If things don't go well, but also for prevention!

What types of colored light treatments are there?

Energetische behandeling om in balans te komen; bij zorgen maken, angstig voelen, onrustig zijn. Deze behandeling verminderen stress klachten, helpen je om rust in je hoofd te krijgen, om te ontspannen en om je evenwicht te hervinden.

Treatment to increase your energy:
With the help of color therapy, the energy in the body is increased. This energetic therapy helps with fatigue, listlessness, depressive feelings and after operations or periods of high stress or with aging. You regain strength, interest in life, feel recharged and feel like moving on.

Behandeling om je centrum terug te vinden:
This color therapy helps you to reduce stress, to experience peace and to feel satisfied in and with yourself. These treatments also give you the space to see how you can continue or what you need. If you feel restless, experience too many stimuli, have the feeling that you have lost yourself, if you have trouble staying with yourself, if you want to find the direction in your life again.

Chakra treatment for removing blockages:
A chakra treatment can help to ensure that the flow in your body is undisturbed again and that blockages are removed so that you feel energized and things run smoothly and you regain balance.

Tarief: 50 euro per behandeling

You can also give someone a soothing treatment in Schoorl as a gift! You can order gift vouchers from me.
If canceled within 24 hours before the appointment, the reserved time will be charged.|
For information or an appointment you can Contact me: 0031 6 3910 7969 / / Rijksweg 32, Schoorl / North Holland

What can a treatment help with?

  • Depressive feelings
  • Fatigue
  • Need more direction
  • stress
  • Unrest in your head
  • Mourning
  • Loss
  • sadness
  • listlessness
  • If you want to spoil yourself
  • If you have little energy
  • When getting older
  • After surgery
  • Clearing blockages

What can a treatment provide?

  • power
  • Restore confidence in yourself
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • New interest in life
  • Brightness
  • Balance
  • Acceptance
  • Softness
  • cheerfulness
  • Pleasure
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